Cut-off Information

Information about the cut-offs enforced at the Beach House Hotel Hervey Bay 100

The 2019 race will start at 5:45am with the open waves first. Age Groups follow in waves with team waves last.

Swim cutoff - 1 hour after the teams hit the water, which makes the cut-off about 7:00am, giving AG athletes 1 hour plus a little bit to finish the 2km swim.

Bike cutoff  - You need to be heading out onto the last lap of your ride (18km left) by 9:45am. This is due to the road being re-opened at 10:30am. 

Example - If you swim 1 hour for the 2km, you will be on the bike by around 7:00 You must have ridden 62km then in 2.75 hours (average 22.5kmh) giving you 45minutes to finish the last 18km(average 24kmh)

If you are removed from the bike course by officials at this point, you will be classified as a DNF.

Run Cutoff  - Within reason, if you have made the bike cutoff, you will be allowed to finish the race. Please be mindful that if you are a slow runner, some packing up of the race precinct may have started while you are still going. We won't ever pull down the finish chute however until everyone who wants to finish has finished.

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