2021 QSS Triathlon Guideline



A full list of the rules can be found on the TA website www.triathlon.org.au


These rules are applicable across the entire course

Competitors must:

1. be responsible for their own safety, the safety of their own equipment and be considerate of the

safety of others

2. be responsible for understanding and following the TA Race Competition Rules:

a. obey instructions from event officials

b. obey traffic regulations, unless otherwise instructed by an event official

c. treat other competitors, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy

d. avoid the use of abusive language

e. be responsible for keeping on the designated course

f. not wear, use or carry items deemed to be a hazard to self or others e.g. a hard cast, jewellery,

glass/metal containers or electronic and entertainment devices such as, but not limited to, mobile

phones, mobile disc players, MP3 players or 2-way communication devices

g. not use any equipment which may provide an unfair competitive advantage

h. not obstruct or interfere with the forward progress of another competitor, or jeopardise the safety

and welfare of another competitor or race official or spectator or member of the public;

i. not accept assistance from anyone other than event officials

j. not discard any equipment on the course, except at the approved dedicated locations


Please note the following special rules are in effect for the 2021 Queensland School Sport State Triathlon


• A “Penalty Box” will be enforced for drafting/blocking penalties. The time penalty for the 2021 Schools’

Championships is two minutes for all age divisions, and the penalty will take place at the end of the

cycle leg. Athletes who are identified by the draft official must report, with their bike and helmet on, to

the “Penalty Box.

Identified athletes who do not report to the “Penalty Box” OR receive multiple

penalties will be disqualified, will not be able to compete in the relay event or be

eligible for state team selection.


Do not ride beside another rider or ride on the right-hand side of the lane as you will be blocking other faster riders coming through. If you are caught, you will be penalised for blocking. Always stay on the lefthand side unless you are overtaking. After passing another cyclist the athlete passing must move immediately back to the LHS.


All races in this championship are non-drafting.

Definition: drafting occurs any time the draft zone of a competitor overlaps the draft zone of another

competitor on the bicycle course of an event.

• Draft Zone: The draft zone for all competitors and motor cyclists is a rectangle 7 metres long and 3

metres wide which surrounds every bicycle and motor cycle on the bicycle course. The front edge of the front wheel defines the centre of the leading 3 metre edge of the rectangle.

7m x 3m

The competitor has 15 seconds to pass through the draft zone and must maintain forward progress. Once passed a competitor must drop back immediately and has 15 seconds to move out of the draft zone.

Athletes need to remember that drafting and blocking on the bike are cheating and must take special note of the rules above. These rules, like all other TA race rules, will be rigorously applied by the technical officials.


Triathlon Australia Competition Rules 3.14

a) Road bikes only and ITU approved wheels as per the current Union Cycliste Internationale

(UCI) approved wheel list (if you do not have either please see further down).

There are 2 UCI wheels lists, one pre-2016 and the current one, see both below. The current list is being continually updated. This link will take you to the UCI web page.

Disc brake race wheels are allowed if the wheel is on the UCI lists. For example the ZIPP 404 with disc brakes is allowed.


b) Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted;

c) The handlebars must be plugged;

d) Clip-on bars will be permitted provided they do not exceed the foremost line of the brake

levers; and

e) Straight forward-facing clip-on bars must have a solid factory bridge or be touching each other.

What if my bike does not meet rule 3.14 in regard to bike and wheels?

• A bicycle can also be used as long as the wheels have at least 16 spokes and the construction of the

rim excludes the use of composite fibres.

• The bicycle may be an off-road or youth style bike. No “time trial” style bikes or helmets are

allowed. No recumbent style bikes are allowed.

Special Rules for QSS Triathlon Championships

1. Draft legal bikes (see above)

2. Carbon Wheels permitted for all age groups, including all athletes entered in the junior


3. Bike Leg Penalty – Drafting or Blocking 2 minutes all age groups.


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