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                        (For 2019 13-19YRS QSS Triathlon State Championships)

Students who will be attending school in 2019, between the ages of 13 and 19 years and are interested in representing Wide Bay Region at the Queensland Secondary School’s Triathlon State Championships being held at Hervey Bay on 7-9 March 2019 should be advised of the information below.

The Hervey Bay Triathlon Club “Hundy Kids” Triathlon being held at Scarness, Hervey Bay, on Saturday 17th November will be used as the Regional Trial.

Students must register for this event online at the link below:


Additional contact information can be found at the end of this notice.

Entries close on Wednesday 14th  November.

There will be no specific Wide Bay Regional Nomination Form. When students nominate

online at the Hervey Bay Triathlon Club “Hervey Bay 100” website, they will be required to indicate then whether they want to be considered for selection in the Regional team. Students must indicate this when they nominate to be eligible. The Region is able to nominate 10 male and 10 female competitors per age division to compete at the State Championships.

Students who are unable to compete in the selection race but would still like to be considered for selection in the Regional Team should send a letter requesting exemption from competing at the Trials, stating the reason they are unable to attend, together with a resume of their recent achievements in Triathlon.


JUNIOR                     13 / 14 Years             Born 2005/ 2006                  300m / 10km / 2km (S/B/R)

INTERMEDIATE     15 / 16 Years             Born 2003/ 2004                  500m / 15km / 4km

SENIOR                     17 / 18 / 19 Years     Born 2002/ 2001 / 2000      750m / 20km / 5km

(The age determination date for the 2019 Queensland Secondary Schools State Championships is the 31st December 2019.)


  • Please pass this information on to interested students as soon as possible.
  • Students complete an online entry on the HB100 website.
  • Students indicate that they wish to be considered for selection in the Regional Team.
  • Nomination fee ($30.00) payable online or at registration. ($5 extra if Non TA member)

Bikes Rules for the Wide Bay Trials and QSS State Triathlon Championships

  • There will be a Draft Zone of 7m x 3m.
  • Wheels to meet ruling ruling 3.13 (a,c,d,e) in the Triathlon Australia Competition Rules (see below) or the         UCI approved or nonstandard wheels list used in draft legal racing.

Triathlon Australia 3.13

a)         The bicycle may be on-road, off-road or youth style. No “time trial” style bikes are allowed. No recumbent style bikes are allowed.

  1. For all events wheels must have at least 16 spokes and the construction of the rim shall exclude the use of composite fibres.
  2. No disc wheels or wheel covers are allowed.
  3. Only detachable tyres and tubes shall be used – commonly referred to “clincher” tyres. A detachable tube means that the tube is detachable from the tyre casing. Tyres where the tube is not detachable from the tyre – commonly known as singles, shall not be allowed.
  • Clip-ons tri bars are allowed provided they do not pass the foremost line of the break leavers and are to be connected by a solid factory bridge. Please note athletes do not have to have tri bars and that younger and less experienced triathletes may be better with their hands closer to the break levers.
  • No Time Trial bikes or Time Trial helmets may be used.


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All event information, including times, prices, distances, ages, location, course map and entry registration can be found on the event webpage at:- www.hb100.com.au/super-saturday


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