Hervey Bay 50 guidelines

  • The '50' half of the Hundy course exactly. The swim is the same shape as last year (in reverse this year), so you do go about 200m offshore to complete it. Water safety will be as comprehensive as ever from the Hervey Bay SLSC.
  • There are no cut-off times. HOWEVER, if you are a competitor who likes to get good value for money, so are finishing at the same time as the speedy Hundy athletes(from 3hr 30 min approx.), you may be asked to delay your finish line experience. The Hundy athletes will be given finishing priority.
  • Entry cost is $150(+$17.50 ODM if applicable)
  • Categories will be Male & Female only, no Age Groups. Podium will be 1-2-3 of those 2 categories. There will be a finisher medal& beer glass for all finishers. Race is chip timed.
  • Entries will be limited to 50 people only(subject to change at HBTC discretion)
  • As with Hundy athletes, you will be required to register on Saturday afternoon, with racking on Sunday morning. Race start time TBA
Lisa Gatt
2016-2018 competitor

Another amazing event Hervey Bay 100

Love coming here year after year. Thankyou for putting on a spectacular day and a MASSIVE thanks to all the volunteers - without you this just wouldn't happen. 

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